In this section, you can find promotional videos, radio spots, and radio shows from previous Fitness Academy Tour editions. This section is dedicated to both fitness lovers and potential sponsors who may be interested in learning more about how the event works, and how they can make the most of it.

The 2014 F.A.T. trailer The FIT FAT LAB @ NDU trailer

2008 F.A.T. Radio Spot on NRJ 2009 F.A.T. Radio Spot on NRJ

The 2012 F.A.T. trailer F.A.T. Radio Spot on LIGHT FM

The 2010 F.A.T. trailer @ FORUM DE BEYROUTH F.A.T. Radio Sequences with Tanguy on LIGHT FM

The 2011 F.A.T. trailer ORBIT TV RELEASE

2010 F.A.T. Radio Spot on NRJ 2011 F.A.T. Radio Spot on NRJ